Temporary Strainers

They are basically of 3 types:

  • Conical strainers (Witch hat strainers)
  • Flat Hat strainers
  • Plate type strainers


Conical strainers are perfect examples of utility tools for new system start-up. These strainers are shaped in the form a cone that tapers towards the end and provides a channel whereby damage by contamination can be ceased. Though temporary in use, this strainer acts as a filter for pipes before they initially cleaned.

ACME FLUID SYSTEMS offers a wide variety of conical strainers, more commonly known as Temporary Strainers, which are based on various designs and modern day technology. As inputs these strainers are easily replaceable in a pipe and are considered ideal for escalating the flow in pipe joints. The organization takes special care while manufacturing conical strainers by using perforated sheets and mesh lining. Temporary pipes which are manufactured from our house acts as a symbol of trust and quality for people as a result of which they have been constantly under great demand. The variations start from NB 20.

welcome Features:

Dynamic designs
Effective in initial stages and mainteance s
Made from perforates sheets and mesh lining
Pervasively applicable
Temporary application
150% Area and 200% area desings are two options

welcome Options

304 stainless steel
316 stainless steel
Monel and special alloys
Custom flow area upto 400% availa