Casted Y type Screwed

Y Type strainers derive its name from the shape of its configuration that looks like “Y”. It is very useful when it comes to protecting pumps and compressors because the dirt or debris present in the latter is collected in the strainer without bargaining with the pressure drops. The Y type strainers are most suitable for horizontal and vertical pipelines where the debris is difficult to be removed from the liquid or gas. Found in thousands of pipelines, this strainer is the most economic and common for permanent use.

Cast Y Type Strainers are one of the most common strainers present in the pipelines to handle small particles of dust. It is suitable for removing the debris away from the pipeline in a systematic manner without causing any harm to the pipeline. As the name highlights, Cast Y Type strainers are basically made up of cast steel. Apart from it, stainless steel or alloy steel acts as the alternative for each other on several occasions. When it comes to dimensions of Cast Y Type strainers, its screwed ends/socket weld ends is 1/4 inch to 2 inches. Therefore, it has a compact size that can fit various types of pipelines comfortably. Pressure rating of Cast Y Type strainers is 150#.Acme Strainers are Sturdy Have Filtration area more than 4 times, wall thickness which is as per API 600 anthe ease of installation it renders due to compact size and design.

Size: ¼”- 2” ( Screwed, Scoket weld)

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welcome Rating: 150 Features:

Wall Thickness As per API 600
Compact Design
Horizontal or Vertical installations
Large Screening Capacities
Precision Machined seats
Bolted Cover with Blow off drain connections

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Screwed Ends / Socket weld ends
D.P Tapings/ Gauge
Drain Valves
Pleated Filter element
Magnetic Screen Insert
Different Threading types (NPT/BSP)